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Gender: Female
Age: 30 years old
Birthday: October 3rd (Libra)
Location: San Francisco
Orientation: straight
Drink: no answer
Smoke: no answer


Who Am I? Hi! I am Dani, San Francisco's coordinator for NapkinNights

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Date: Dec 22nd 2008 - 11:02am

Hey hey hey new on here, and hoping its worth the time! I bet it is though. Getting payed to photography parties, im so there!
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Date: Jul 1st 2008 - 6:53pm

thanks for the invite! I can't figure out how to add photos so I ended adding them to the flyer section!
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cat [con mèo]
Date: Jul 1st 2008 - 2:58pm

Damn Dani... you're on a roll. How many people is that already that you have invited to NapkinNights?
[profile pic]
Date: Apr 23rd 2008 - 2:03am

For someone who flaked on NNGNO, you sure are pushy! ;)
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Date: Apr 20th 2008 - 1:58am

Haha, I like how my username is you know...come on...essentially "CRAP"....hehe it's ok though...that's what you get with those damn initials lol. Had fun tonight lady! Thanks again!
[profile pic]
Date: Apr 20th 2008 - 1:51am

Yay for new girls! Yeah, I met this guy from NiteVibe who was like "I referred a girl to Dani... her name is Kara. You guys will love her." I forgot his name, but it was last week @ Starlight... he's in the album. ;)
[profile pic]
Date: Apr 20th 2008 - 1:27am

Go ta beeedddd!! ;)
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cat [con mèo]
Date: Jan 24th 2008 - 11:14am

*laughs!* Nah... You're just that awesome. _Cat
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cat [con mèo]
Date: Jan 24th 2008 - 10:41am

I don't know what it was about last night but I just didn't like the results. I guess I had those photo-brain-farts or whatnots last night. Your photos look awesome from Aura though! Low ceiling? Or are you just that good? *laughs!* _Cat
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cat [con mèo]
Date: Jan 1st 2008 - 8:40pm

Then get one! Or do one! What's stopping ya? Lots of hair spray or get got2bglued. That's pretty strong I hear. I should get that. I want to do more mohawk style this year. I think I know how to do it now. Yeah... _Cat
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Date: Dec 13th 2007 - 1:51pm

Hey girlie, how are ya? Are you ready for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's holidays? I'm getting there. ~ Carina Kool ~
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Date: Nov 16th 2007 - 8:57pm

Hey Beautiful ready for those super sexy pics ha ha ha ha ha. well its on tonight in portland. check it later. peace and love from Portland!!!
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.: Matt :.
Date: Nov 10th 2007 - 9:27am

Hey Dani! whats goin on?
[profile pic]
Date: Oct 16th 2007 - 8:22pm

DANG! Look at you little miss popular :) I have all of like 4 friends to your 100 something :) So...i keep trying to upload more pictures...and they aren't so confused by this whole thing :) Im so excited to be apart of the team though! Ill for sure have to come shoot in the bay sometime! *hugsss*
[profile pic]
Date: Oct 5th 2007 - 8:11am

Hey, thanks for the add. I hope you have a great day!!!
[profile pic]
wai wai
Date: Aug 31st 2007 - 9:52am

remember when you and i used to be a secret....mmmhahahah!!! love you!!!!!
[profile pic]
Lumout Entertainment
Date: Jul 16th 2007 - 4:07am

thats right im finally on here!
[profile pic]
Date: Jun 29th 2007 - 2:00am

i see you online!! we be workin late toooonight :D
[profile pic]
Ms B
Date: Jun 25th 2007 - 6:04pm

when you meet stephanie, you two are going to bond instantly & forever...or at least until your mouth is freed!
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Tommy Girl
Date: Jun 19th 2007 - 2:59pm

[profile pic]
Date: Jun 11th 2007 - 6:05pm

Oh I would... but silly me didn't realize it was Pop's Day on Sunday & missing out on that is a bit of a no-no in my family... ; ) I'm sure ya'all will have a blast w/o me... & for me!
[profile pic]
Date: Jun 9th 2007 - 3:56pm

well spank you so much for the nice was great meeting you too and im sure i will see you around time drinks on me...
[profile pic]
Date: Jun 8th 2007 - 1:24pm

Thanks for the request!!
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wai wai
Date: Jun 8th 2007 - 12:02pm

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man! last night was tooo fun!!! lol...sorry bout the crazy zoo fest lol lol lol well thanks for the pics love :D and your little story on luckys was really cute&& can i add that you are very talented!!! love you bebbeh see you sooooooon!
[profile pic]
Date: Jun 7th 2007 - 10:43am

sunday chica! =)
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