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Home Pictures Events Venues Photogs VIP Packages Guest Lists Search Contact Has 100,000 Reasons Why What Happens in Vegas, No Longer Stays in Vegas, a leading web based, nightlife photo community hits a benchmark! 100,000 photos of the Las Vegas club and party scene and the people who make it happen.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 4, 2005 -- has been sending beautiful photographers to the hottest party spots in Vegas. Two years later, they boast 100,000 photos from Vegas on the site, proving, "What happens here, doesn't stay here.", one of the web's top nightlife websites of its kind, has been taking photos in Sacramento nightclubs for three and a half years. Two years ago, Co-Founder and head photographer, Tracy Lee dropped all her friends and everyone she knew in favor of expanding the website to cover the night life of Las Vegas. She knew a total of two people when she arrived, but because she saw a niche that she and her partner and Co-Founder, Steve Katen (K10) had the ability to fill, she showed up with camera in hand and started taking photos.

"I am the type of person who doesn't know the meaning of the words 'I can't'. I came out and did what I do best. Take photos and network!" says Lee.

And it shows! Two years later, the website has six girls taking photos in Las Vegas and boasts an amazing 100,000 pictures of all the hottest parties, clubs, special events, and conventions that Las Vegas has had to offer.

"When Tracy has convinced herself that she is going to do something, I usually let her run with it. I just keep a hold on the reins, but haven't had to pull her back, as of yet," says Steve Katen (or K10), Co-Founder of "We now cover three different markets including Phoenix/Scottsdale with hopes of expanding into two more by the end of the year."

When asked how long it would take to hit another 100,000 pictures in Las Vegas, Lee replied, "Give us about another year. With the direction that the nightlife in Las Vegas is taking, we'll get those photos in no time!"

For additional information on the news listed here, please contact Tracy Lee or visit

About offers current and compelling photo coverage of the night life and parties in all of their markets. They do this by sending the Napkinnights Girls out to the clubs with a digital camera in one hand and cards bearing the logo and URL of the website in the other. is a DBA of Katen Lee Productions, LLC. The company was founded in February of 2002 in Sacramento, CA, after it was apparent that the website that founders, Tracy Lee and Steve Katen had started for fun, had the potential to become a thriving business. Not wanting to put all their eggs in one basket, Katen Lee Productions also offered web design services; building a number of websites for local businesses. Seeing a need for the services that they had to offer, they expanded the business to Las Vegas in middle of 2003. After building up a solid, world wide following, two years later they expanded the website to cover Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe; seeing the growth potential this area had to offer. They simultaneously launched a fourth section of the site devoted to profiles and professional pictures of all the girls currently working for the website.

Research has already started on the site's 4th and 5th cities, in the hopes that those sections will be able to launch at the same time a new portion of the site (also in development) does. This new section is to compel users to come back to the site on a daily basis; hopefully visiting even multiple times a day.

Lee's function within the company is to concentrate on hiring of photographers, and research and expansion of new markets. Katen, on the other hand is the technical guy behind the scenes handling server and database admin as well as development of new aspects of the site. They overlap somewhere in the middle with Lee doing graphics and html and Katen maintaining photographer productivity in all markets.


Tracy Lee
Katen Lee Productions, LLC DBA
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